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“I Will Try New Hairdos, Etc.”

As Date with the Angels came to an end, Betty wasn’t terribly broken up about it. She wrote in Here We Go Again:

I think I can honestly say that that was the only time I have ever wanted to get out of a show. We were plugging along and surviving—barely—but there was no longer any different spin on it, and as a result the fun was gone.

Betty was still obligated to fulfill her contract, so she created a whole new show, abandoning all the characteristics of Date With the Angels. The revamped program was called The Betty White Show (the third one!). For those keeping track of the various “Betty White Shows,” it’s probably easier to tack the year on than to remember the order. The one in question is thus The Betty White Show (1958).

Betty gave a preview in TV-Radio Life, March 1,1958.

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